Al Janabiyah

Another well-known area residential area for the many compound villas and boiling apartments it is Janabiyah, situated on the north-west of Bahrain, close to the Gulf of Bahrain. It is located in the west of Saar, and as part of the Northern Government of the country, alongside with Budaiya, Barbar, Jannusan, Hamala and Jasra, as well Saar, it offers a wide variety of villas for rent and sale. Having a direct access to Janabiyah Highway and King Fahad Causeway, makes it a very preferred location to live especially for those who commute from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia or vice versa.

Here you will find great options for your future home. If you are looking for a well maintained affordable villa to exclusive modern villas, with common amazing facilities, greenery surroundings and serene environment. One of the best attraction points in the area it is the camel farm, that grabs the attention and the interest of the tourists but not only. Also, here you will find multiple resorts and fitness centers. The Birla Institute of Technology International Centre is based alongside the Janabiyah highway

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